Don't spend your time sitting in the Ferry line! Come to the Island early. Stay on the Island late. There's lots to see and do on your own Thursday and Sunday. 
So come early, stay late!
Each year our Drummond Island Fall on the Island Festival gets
bigger and better! And with that growth comes more media
coverage! The following are examples of coverage the Festival
has received - all of it giving you an idea of what you can expect
when you visit for the first or 8th time. Enjoy!
MTM On the Road Fall on the Island Festival 2014

We weren't officially open yet but
that didn't keep 9&10 News team
MTM On the Road from stopping by
to find out what all the excitement
was about in 2014!
It's all about community - the enthusiasm, support,
encouragement and just plain hard work on the part of the
entire community - Drummond Island ROCKS!