Don't spend your time sitting in the Ferry line! Come to the Island early. Stay on the Island late. There's lots to see and do on your own Thursday and a full line-up of Foraging Skill classes scheduled for Sunday. 
So come early, stay late!
Ticket Info
Drummond Island Fall on the Island Festival
Again this year, Festival *tickets* will be collectible buttons! Designed by Lynne Coulter of Art on the Boulevard, the button design for 2018 will be announced soon! The buttons get you through the gates and let you enjoy all the Fall on the Island Festival has to offer!
Pricing information for all Festival Events in 2018
Drummond Island Fall on the Island Festival
Saturday Passes include the Collectable Button.

You can purchase your Saturday pass in advance on Friday night.

Food, Drinks, and Kid's Games Require Tasting/Drink Tickets in addition to the Entrance Fee(s).

Drummond Island Fall Festival 2015 tickets
How many "tickets" do you have? Lynne Coulter of Drummond Island Art on The Boulevard has been designing & producing our Fall on the Island Festival "tickets" for the last seven years - each year featuring a new, Island specific design. More than just proof of admission to the Fest - these hand-crafted wooden penants are a collectible work of art! 

Entrance Fee(s):

Friday ONLY

Adults: $TBA

Seniors: $TBA

Kids Ages 6 to 18: $TBA

Kids Under 5 FREE

(Collectible button NOT included with this one night pass)

Saturday ONLY =

Adults: $TBA

(Includes Collectible Button)

Kids Ages 6 to18: $TBA

Kids Under 5 FREE

NOTE: You can purchase your Saturday pass (collectible wooden pendant) on Friday night. The combo price for both nights will be $TBA per adult. 

TASTE/DRINK TICKETS = $1 each (multiple tickets may be required by vendors for food, drink, and games)


Fall Festival Mugs:

$TBA each and each one comes with ONE Drink Ticket good Saturday only!